Campaign: Hospitality, Tourism & Business

Winter Free Admission Day

Much like the free admission day in the summer the city could open the Zoo, Fort Edmonton, John Janzen, etc to the public for fun winter activities. Winter animals at the zoo, sleigh rides and snowmen at the Fort, snowshoeing and animal tracks at John Janzen. Live music at Hawrelack park for ice skating. Even working with Snow Valley to run free that day and encouraging community leagues to offer up the rinks to non-members. ...more »

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Campaign: Winter Cities

Winter Zoo Fest

a lot of people do not even know the zoo is open in the winter. advertise the zoo and what is there, have sleigh rides past the attractions, ice skating, snow man contests, ice sculpture contests, free hot chocolate with your admission ticket. information booths for skiing and snow boarding ( perhaps offer lessons ) to draw in the younger people

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Campaign: City Branding & Marketing

Simple - Polar Bears at Zoo

I've seen Polar Bears in tropical zoos in Singapore and Santiago, both pretty close to the equator. Why not have Polar bears at Edmonton Zoo, they would fit well with the new Arctic Shores exhibit. It's easier and arguably more beneficial to help support animals in struggling environments with climates similar to Edmonton than try to house Elephants and tropical exotic animals.

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