Campaign: Urban Design

Staggered stop lines at intersections

At busy intersections it's always a challenge to make a right turn on a red light safely. The car in the left lane typically blocks your line of sight to oncoming traffic so you need to creep into the pedestrian crossing, forcing them to walk around the car, compromising their safety. If the stop line for the left lane were staggered at least half a car length back with a yellow X, you could possibly have a clear line ...more »

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Campaign: Winter Cities

Ice Thickness Communication

This is a quick and simple idea. I'm told that the ice thickness is monitored daily on storm water lakes in the city, though that gets a little bit hard to believe when they have unknown ice thickness sign up even after a week of -30c. Create a website where people can go to check the current ice thickness at their local storm water lakes, and the date it was last updated, similar to how the city already has for ...more »

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