Winter Cities

The mini muk luk

a winter aboriginal/ fur trade based outside event. Events could be things like: making a fire and boil some tea (a race) , snow shoe races, tall tales, round dance, orienteering, snow sculptures, snow soccer (Inuit used to play under the northern lights with a skin ball), snow angel comp....there is no end to the possibilities. It will bridge the urban aboriginal affairs committee with Edmontonians and build understanding!


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  1. Comment
    Mark Hill

    Fort Edmonton Park would be a perfect family friendly venue for an event like this.

  2. Comment
    Ashley Seibert

    Looks super-aweseome! I'd love to do the orienteering and snow shoe races.

  3. Comment

    I am really stoked at this idea. I have always felt a warmness toward first nation's traditional lifestyle and their culture. I really want to see a festival like this in the city cause it reminds me of the history of first nation's people in edmonton.

  4. Comment
    c.bertolin ( Idea Submitter )

    this event could feature fun activities for young and older participants. it also could be used to gently introduce cross-cultural experiences

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