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I love the idea of having lots of fabulous winter activities for Edmontonians and visitors. However, we need to have a comprehensive strategy for cleaning snow off the sidewalks. We want moms with stollers, people with mobility challenges and seniors who are afraid of falling to be able get out of their homes so that they can attend these events and participate in community life. Let's make our city as safe as possible for everyone in Winter!


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    One person, a senior, I know fell on an icy sidewalk beside a bus stop and broke his leg.

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    I'm imagining a potential backlash if we do "cool" winter things - people will ask why we are spending money on that when we can't get the basics right. Something to think about.

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    There are already bylaws and rules in place to clear sidewalks, and the majority of people and businesses abide by this and many clear neighbours sidewalks as well (as most of us are good citizens). If there is an uncleared sidewalk help or call it in.

    Clearing sidewalks is very important, but I think the point of this imitative is to find ways to get people to celebrate existing or new winter activities or initiatives so that we enjoy winter rather than complain about it.

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    Although I agree that cleaning sidewalks is important and we should all make sure we play our part in this civic duty, I think that our resistance to walking places may have less to do with winter than we want to believe. A 2010 U of A study showed that 77% of Edmontonians used their cars for EVERY trip in the city. Even in the summer. So I would rework this suggestion to what can we do in our neighbourhoods that makes people want to walk in the winter and in the summer? What about community league winter festivals? Once we have a destination in mind, we can then be very strategic about making sure that people can get there safely in winter on foot. (On a side note, I walked my kid to daycare everyday for four years, snow or no snow. I never had many problems and walking with a stroller is actually incredible safe in the snow. It's like walking with a walker.)

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    The City needs to show leadership on this one by making the trails, stairs and walks south of the Shaw accessible all winter. Currently the paths are icy in places, the stairs "closed" and the promenade still snow covered. If we are to celebrate being a winter city we should invest in making the out-of-doors accessible even in winter weather!

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