Winter Cities

Pedestrian Sidewalks, Heated Patios

Sidewalks & Public spaces - We need to pay more attention to creating inviting, public pedestrian streets and places downtown that are inviting, safe, and attractive for businesses and people. Generous sidewalks, attractive street elements, and attention paid to pedestrian crossings at intersections.

Patios - Encourage restaurants and pubs to have patios year-round, including heat lamps and blankets for patrons. Allow mulled wine to be served by vendors in designated corners.

In effect, putting more money in to the pedestrian street realm using good urban planning 'best practices' will go a long way to encouraging winter activity on the streets downtown!


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    Encouragement should be given to restaurant /cafe owners/BRZ's and the City (Churchill square etc) to put or keep chairs out. It may be winter but most folk are dressed warm and people will use them, especially if in a sunny spot or where a lot of pedestrians are.

    I think 2nd Cup/Starbucks on Whyte has people sitting out on cold days.

  2. Comment
    ( Moderator )

    I absolutely LOVED the Parka Patio at Latitude 53 on Feb 18th. We need more outdoor patio parties to enjoy in the winter.

  3. Comment
    Kelly Carter

    The concept is very doable on side streets, like in Milan. You build a plexiglass style overcover from rooftop to rooftop. Then you seal off the ends of the street to keep in some heat, with heating lamps that resemble natural sunlight. Make that street no vehicles and create a nice environment all year long.

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